Ruppa and Sujay Shah from Mumbai have been involved with nature and promoting green revolution since more than 25 years. The popular Bonsai artist couple with the guidance of Bonsai Master from Indonesia
Mr. Rudy Najoan setup Ssurup Bonsai and Garden in the outskirts of Mumbai in Panvel, nurturing Bonsai
and Exotic plants.
Spread over 4 acres, Ssurup Bonsai and Garden is a treasure house of large variety of Bonsai, Bamboos, Lilies, Water Lilies, Water plants, Lotus, Grasses and Mosses, Palms, Orchids, and the single largest collection of Bonsai in this part of the world
It has over 500 varieties of rare and unique Bonsais, kept meticulously in order of varieties, size and its stage of growth.  It is not only a sight to behold but an exercise in the three R’s – Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. Eco-friendly and self-sustaining, the farm is a perfect example of beauty and efficiency. It is unbelievable that this serene nature’s bounty is near the busy concrete jungle of Mumbai.
In their unquenchable thirst for green, the Shahs have become globe trotters honing their skills from places such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, USA and Malaysia,. Today they have many Bonsai in different styles which are only of its kind using the latest techniques. 
Plants are the most inexpensive & beautiful way to give your home and office that touch of class. What’s more, it is proven that plants reduce stress and increase efficiency. The invisible advantages of growing plants are not well publicized. Today’s urban life is full of stress and a few creative moments spent in upkeep and maintenance of plants take away one’s mind from anxiety. "Shahs nurtures Ssurup and conducts various classes and workshop."
The art of growing Trees in pot originated in India. It spread to China and Japan, which perfected it and named Bonsai. As a living art which does not limit creativity and has no stage wherein it can be left untouched and completed hence learning this art teaches you patience, gives you a wider, deeper and varied sense of continuous creativity. One has to be prudent and careful. It is an ideal hobby to calm nerves.
Seeing the rate of increase in global warming in the past few years global warming is indeed a grave problem and having just one bonsai or plant per person is helping Mother Nature, and is a small step towards a big difference.
In this era the youth is more involved in technology, professional learning curriculum and urban training methods which is very essential in the competitive world but along with that a connection with nature enhances your overall performance and capabilities and you’re helping the world with that by gifting it one more tree.
If the art of Gardening and Bonsai is inculcated in children and youth from their primary years as a hobby, it adds to their personality and enhances their overall development as an individual. This is because what is taught in the starting years of your life plays a major role in the shaping of your personality and they will grow up to be citizens with environmental concern and will care for their surroundings.
Unique and one of the largest collection of Tropical Bonsai
Plants grown in special compost made in house
Irrigation to the garden and plants through foggers and sprinklers
Working stations and gazebos for workshops and demonstration
Power generated by windmill and solar system
Music therapy all around in the garden
Rain water Harvest
Organic farming
Organic fertilizer
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